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Milligan's Food Pantry

As many as one in five college students experience food insecurity, which means they do not have access to the food they need to live active, healthy lives, much less keep up with their studies. Milligan's Buffalo State Food Pantry aims to assist our students with their need. 

Milligan's food pantry is located in the Student Life Office (which utilizes a online order system) and has nine additional drop in distribution sites (listed below). Students can access the pantry: Monday-Friday, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm. In addition, the Newman Center can also assist students from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm on Sundays. Currently enrolled students only, must bring valid Buffalo State ID and present their Banner ID number to access pantry. 

Why we call the Buffalo State Food Pantry, "Milligan's"...

The Buffalo State Food Pantry is named after a town restaurant, Milligan’s, in Indiana. Rev. Linda Harley-Mould, one of the founders of the Milligan’s Buffalo State Food Pantry, had reported that while her father was attending Tri State College in Indiana, he was struggling financially.  He prided himself as someone who could take care of himself, so he supported himself by photography jobs and as a musician.  He was playing with a band that would later be well known; The Glen Miller Orchestra.  Checks did not always come on time so that he went for extended periods of time without money.  Milligan’s was a restaurant that catered to the local college students.  Because he did not have money to pay, the restaurant agreed to let him run up a tab.  They continued to allow him to eat there until his check came in. Then, in a way that did not damage his pride, they declined to accept his payment.

Rev. Linda’s Father took opportunities during his life to help those in need without compromising their dignity, as a way to return the kindness offered him.  This is the spirit in which those involved in the food pantry work to preserve.

Milligan’s Buffalo State Food Pantry founders were staff from the Buffalo State Counseling Center and the campus Critical Incident Support Team, as they recognized that some students were food insecure.  Over the last 17 years, the food pantry has increased contacts over campus so that more students can be assisted.

If you are helped by Milligan's Food Pantry, it is our hope that in better times, you will provide assistance to someone who needs your help while preserving their dignity as well.



Where can I get assistance?

Contact any of the following faculty/staff members below to receive non-perishable food items from the drop in campus food pantry locations:

Debbie Sarratori - Weigel Health Center    

Kelly Boos, Natural & Social Sciences - Classroom Bldg A113

Steve Gareau, CIS Dept - Technology Building 203

Aurora Schul Schunk, Career Development - Cleveland 306

Gail Phillips, Center for Excellence in Urban & Rural Education - Chase 201

Jean Boudreau, Social Work - Caudell Hall 354

Neil O'Donnell, EOP - Twin Rise, South Wing 710

Carmen Schaff, Newman Center - 1219 Elmwood Ave

Grace Cesareo, Design Department - UPTO 402


Click here to place an online order for pick up (CAMB 400) or contact Kristen Helling for more information. 



Interested in Donating to the Milligan's Food Pantry?

The generosity of our campus is greatly appreciated by all those involved, especially by our students in need. If you would like to donate food items, a list of the most-needed items can be found in the next column. Donations are graciously accepted at the Student Life Office, Monday – Friday, from 9:00 am – 4:45 pm. We encourage student groups, offices, residence halls, etc. to get together and collect items to donate. Please be mindful of expiration dates as we cannot hand out expired food.

In addition, monetary donations are welcomed. Donors should forward their monetary gifts directly to Claire Collier, Donor Relations Officer, Institutional Advancement in CLEV 304. The donations will then be deposited into the Milligan’s Food Pantry Buffalo State College Foundation Account for future food and supply purchases. Checks should be made out to: Milligan's Food Pantry.

Please contact Kristen Helling, assistant director of student life, for more information.


What Items are Needed?

We will keep this site updated to reflect needs. As we run low on a particular item, we will highlight them, but will gladly accept donations outside of the current "high need". We will also include which items we currently have well stocked. Please keep in mind that donations should include non-perishable items that can be easily prepared or eaten as packaged. We have also recently begun accepting small toiletry and personal care items.

Instant meals (Easy Mac, Thai Kitchen Thai Ginger Rice Noodle, Campbell's Ready Meals) - needed 

Canned Fruit- needed  

Macaroni & Cheese - needed          

Canned Vegetables- well stocked           

Pasta - needed  

Spaghetti sauce - needed         

Ravioli and Canned Pasta- needed          

Crackers- needed

Granola Bars- needed   

Canned/Boxed/Bottled Juices- needed

Canned Tuna- needed  

Canned Chicken - needed

Pop tarts- needed

Raisins- needed               

Canned or Dried Beans-well stocked      

Fruit Cups- needed        

Soups- well stocked

Canned Meats- needed               

Snack Packs/Pouches- needed 

Rice- well stocked

Nuts- needed  

Shelf-stable milk- needed           

Cereal- needed

Peanut Butter- well stocked

Jelly - needed

Oatmeal- needed           

Pudding Cups- needed 

Deodorant - well stocked

Body Soap - well stocked


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